The secrets of human nature, the truth is sick in people’s minds.

Am I the Savior of Mankind and son of God/dess? Well I’m resolute that I am. What gives me the right to speak on behalf of God/dess? Every child of love speaks on their behalf, I am no different.

It’s wrong to say we are all the same, so what are the three different central beliefs? Different opinions on time, this leads to people having different spiritual constructs. Time is an expanse to some, the introvert or sensate, these people are Muslim. Time acts as a constant to others, the extrovert or intuit, these are the Jewish people, is the truth somewhere in the middle? Our understanding is quite complex and explained in Resurrection of Reality, though it is a hybrid of both, we are around the centre of expression, we are either thinkers or feelers.

twitter WAR! is a Spanish inquisition, which are still an unresolved matter today.

Some may place these inquisitions in the category of Christians murdering Pagans or Witches even Muslims. But the reality is that nothing has changed, these persons of persecution were most likely of criminal mind, as we still find these demography’s in vastly higher numbers in today’s western prisons; I say again, what’s changed.

Brian McFadden, you obviously didn't think God/dess was going to put you into the gas chamber, are you scared that your God is going to eat you.
Do you plead guilty to the charges put here before you?
Or would you prefer to pretend that your consciousness is detached from your sublime.

Allot has been said about Delta Goodrem, but in no way can I be said to be her stalker, and Brian McFadden, I certainly don’t fit the legal criteria to be his.

Might I remind you that my reasons for approaching Brian McFadden are the same as the reasons behind The Spanish Inquisition, which can I add is not some form of insanity. Since when is taunting someone stalking, Brian did tell me to go but this was accompanied with a threat of violence, my choice here was to lay down in the face of intimidation and let Brian physically stand over me or continue. In fact he threatened me twice, before I made a reciprocal threat, as he was also the first to threaten mortality. Brian was also trying to speak on Delta’s behalf, I felt this deemed a response. Brian’s efforts to obtain my cessation of communication via violent threats, in fact taunting me in return indicated his participation in the conflict, this not being a reasonable way to achieve and end to the conversation which I do not believe he truly desired, preferring to amuse himself in attempting to disgrace me. Just to recap, Delta denied Brian on his first proposal accepted on his second, and now the wedding has been postponed not once not twice but three times, that’s three strikes a subtle hint, and by the rules of the game he’s out. There is someone for everyone, Delta and I are dependent on one another, as are all romance partners, without each other we suffer. No one has truly asked Delta how she feels about me, but as Brian is sublimely threatening her mortality, in order to ensure she remains in the relationship, this is certainly a question best not approached. Each of these attacks on women are perpetrated with varying degrees of conviction, depending on the offender; as I am the son of God/dess and Delta is my due partner, her attack is of maximum conviction. Brian can continue with his plans for a wedding, but this will give us immediate grounds to reintroduce Spanish Inquisition type convictions to a system, where both sublime and conscious convictions are carries out; and the potential for a more convicting response does exist. When you look at Reanna who was in the same situation that Delta is now, she had to proclaim that she loved Chris Brown as a mode of survival, it’s what women do. It’s obvious why this crime when exposed by The Spanish Inquisition, was a crime punishable by death.

Now the Jewish motive for committing this crime is a simple one, they feel that due to our differing opinions on time we are defective, and their hope is that breaking apart our relationships will lead us to developing Bi-polar disorder. Now I will say this Jewish people, you think this makes us want to die, it makes us want to kill that’s what it does, we don‘t have to be physically together in order to love. Bi-polar disorder does not lead to an eternal reincarnatry death for us as it does for you, though we are here to show you our secrets and prevent that, but that’s right we know after Bi-polar disorder Allah absorbs your spirit. This is something we have always known and the reason we have held on to informing you of this, hence nullifying your lies of supreme existences is that prior to the Jewish holocaust, any prophet that spoke these words would of been killed; we have not the need to eat soul, though fundamentally each and everyone of us is a living singly identified Allah. We find love for a different reason to your Allah, though if we are still a question for you, I strongly recommend you read the passages explaining our variety of Bi-polar disorder and the fundamentals of our spiritual construct found in Resurrection of Reality. So here we have it, Jewish and Muslim people are currently making every effort to eternally genocide the children of love, I say to them, you expect us to leave because you feel we lack the justification needed to inhabit your planet: correct? In response I might say we are not breaking any law, survival is not a crime, it must be understood that you have to share in order to survive. We could have a peaceful coexistence but Jewish and Muslim people insist on raping us in this manner, with their suggested justification of that they are a victim, this makes us think in modes of in fact reciprocal genocide. My people might wonder, is this why genocide is such a light hearted question? Though the reality is that genocide must never be committed, as this is not a viable solution, the rule is that we must work with our neighbours in order to solve our differences. Raping us does not kill us, it just makes us a threat to Jewish and Muslim survival. But we would and we will stop eating your flocks and herds if the rape of our people ends, traditionally we are a herbivore culture, but extreme violations upon us take extreme remedies.

I didn’t hear any of the media reports concerning the twitter predicament, as I had been committed into the psychiatric hospital at that point. Might I add they released me after a week having concluded that I had not broken any law, and I tell you what it‘s a miracle to get out of that place in just one week. A psychiatrist conveyed to me what Delta had said to the media in that she wanted me to stop, but stop what? Stop harassing Brian, to me that was obvious and for our own good, in a sense she was calling her dog off. Currently it is still not illegal for me to write to Delta, as she has never told me to stop contacting her, and can I add Delta has had since 2004 to do this. In any case I do not believe that talking obscurely into a news camera in a report that I did not see, constitutes that she has contacted me and told me to stop contacting her; I’m just making the point that it is not currently illegal for me to contact Delta, so she has left the door open hasn’t she? Why doesn’t Delta pick up the phone and call me? As I said Brian has a sublime threat on her mortality, Delta has had bounds of opportunity to cease my pursuit of her and with a little research, it’s easy to assume she loves me.

“What? So now we can’t challenge a love interests boyfriend. Am I a Cyber Stalker? When all I wanted was a civilised resolution towards the matter, Brian McFadden knew I had not threatened his mortality when he threatened mine, In doing this it is in fact Brian McFadden that broke the law, not I.. I say this, am I not right in expecting to be spoken to in a civilised! manner, before I listen to the wishes of another. With this, it is evident that I! did not break any law, as I was accused of doing so in the media. If I broke the law I would of at least had a restraining order placed upon me, as it was, another empty threat.”

This is the threat in question.

BrianMcnugget@”/Savior_Mankind” you are close to harm! i have your address and if something unfortunate happens to you i will be very sad.! be carefull

So as you can see the sequence of events were that I had my life threatened, and for this I was crucified by the media. A stalker is a person that does not abide by sublime interfaith crime laws, this I have always known, my job is to ensure that these laws are known to everybody else, following the position that I took in twitter WAR! demonstrates what is allowed under these laws. If you really want to look at it in the light of the truth, Brian McFadden is in breach of the sublime interfaith crime laws, hence making him a very highly evolved stalker that managed to get the girl. Considering Brian is trying to ensure Delta suffers an eternal death, his songs can only be seen as creepy, stalking is the music he sings. His song Only a Woman Can; can only be about his x-wife, there is the line “Who decided I’d be hurt, I wana hate them, cause now I can‘t live without her.” that’s clearly about a past lover; I suspect the feud between them is false so as he can hide his inspiration, the lengths he will go to are remarkable. Brian McFadden professes to be a victim, claiming his love for Delta, the ultimate victim is a dead victim and if Delta dumps Brian, he cannot claim to be a victim of mine. Martyrdom is the road he has begun to undertake, will he walk all the way? As I said previously to the media, ” I do not wish for Delta to leave Brian, I wish for Brian to leave her.” The children of love have had our turn with martyrdom and survived and thrived, with Jesus as our martyr, now it’s the Jewish/Muslim alliance’s turn, are you tuff enough? It is not the duty of the children of love to kill Brian, as we are not killing the Jewish/Muslim demographic, again they profess to be the victim; in not undertaking our challenge, does this mean that they are in fact not a victim? Will you fight for the right to claim you are a victim? We give you this opportunity to state your claim, are you prepared to make sacrifice for your own proposed advantage? Can we know Deltas opinion, I can’t fight our women’s battles, when the time comes, Delta must show her support for this letter.

Yours truly,

Timothy Jaquier.

Brian McFadden’s response to this letter is the song Just say so, it’s nice to see that he will not leave Delta of his own accord, is this song how you make a dare? Because we will call your bluff, and if you think I want to be like you, I have to say you are sadly deluded, this delusion is common in extroverts. Further in any case, it is lovers that are the leaders, because we are fearless and more importantly intelligent.

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